From tree to treen

Hand made from wood of responsibly sourced branches and trunks of local trees and shrubs

At ‘Het Noeste Leven’ I make products from green wood. You will find examples of the things that I have made, but also photos and videos of how I made them. For example under ‘the motto explained’, where I show how the attention, the craft and the adventure combine and thus form a way of thinking and living. You can find more specific information about the tools and processes I use in my blog, which will be updated with new videos and explanations on an (ir)regular basis.

Some of the products that I make are also available for sale on this website. Because they are all unique, hand-made products, I will always have different products in my shop. When you see a product that you would like to have, that is not available any more, please do not hesitate to send me a message. Perhaps I can make something similar for you.