Making a raised chopping block

raised chopping block

One fairly essential tool when working with green wood is a chopping block. It is used to roughly shape the green wood in the desired shape with a little axe. In general, this chopping block can simply be a piece of a large trunk that you put upright.

When working with your chopping block for substantially long periods of time, it is nice if the top is at hip height. You can achieve this by using a fairly long piece of a very large trunk. However, such a large sized trunk is not always easy to obtain. Besides that, it is very heavy, making it difficult to move. To solve this, you can also make a smaller trunk on legs. In the video below I show how I made such a raised chopping block.

In the video I only use hand tools and green wood. But if you  do not have access to these tools or wood, you can, of course, also use electric tools and dried wood.

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