Around my twenties I came in contact with artisanal crafts. I was deeply touched by the idea that we can make many of the things that we use on a daily basis ourselves. It is not just the independence that attracts me, but also learning from and with each other and the satisfaction that a nice, handmade product provides.

For a long time I could nearly exclusively embed this interest in crafts in my personal life. Professionally it was hardly reflected. Since 2018 I try to strengthen the relationship between our experiences and the things we use on a daily basis, through artisanally made wooden products.

portrait of Martijn

It all starts with wonder. Wonder about the beautiful nature that surrounds us, and what that nature has to offer. Wonder about what we could make from these offerings, with only a few actions, just as our ancestors have done for thousands of years. The next step is the workshop, where, with a nearly meditative process of slowly, step by step, a seemingly ordinary piece of wood is manually transformed into a shape with its own character. Through many acts of chopping and cutting, a fusion arises between the wood, with its own structures and colours, and the product that I intend to make. A product that is a pleasure to use and that, hopefully, will induce that same wonder.

Take a good look at your spoon or bowl and see its individuality caused by a lifetime of sun, wind and rain in a forest or park…

‘Het Noeste Leven’ is my path to a free and balanced mind in a satisfied body.

Martijn van Gerwen

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