Shortly after secondary school I became interested in crafts. I was deeply touched by the idea that we can make many of the things that we use on a daily basis. In my professional life though, I could hardly put that into to practice… until recently.

Since last year, I try to strengthen the relationship between our experiences and the products we use, through traditional woodworking.

portrait of Martijn

It all starts in my workshop, with a nearly meditative process of slowly, step by step, manually transforming an ordinary piece of wood into a shape with its own character. Through many actions of chopping and cutting, a fusion arises between the wood, with its own structures and colours, and the product that I intend to make.

Take a good look at your spoon or bowl and see its individuality caused by a lifetime of sun, wind and rain in a forest or park…

‘Het Noeste Leven’ is my path to a free and balanced mind in a satisfied body.

Martijn van Gerwen